Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer? WHAT Summer?!

Wow! Time has completely blown by this year! I'm stunned at the fact that my kids are already back in school, and we're back to the fun of homework again. =)

I have also come to realize that I just have not been on top of blogging lately at all. (Thanks to friends and family that have reminded me ever-so-gently to get on the ball... haha!) May was the last time I updated my blog. So what in the world have I been doing? I've been shooting like crazy, attending photography seminars, and working with other photographers. Each week has contained a new form of learning for me. I am THRILLED to share that I have been working closely with Jeff Herbert of Herbert Studios. Jeff has been teaching me the art of studio lighting to round out my Portrait portfolio. He has an amazing eye and many years of experience, and I cannot even begin to express how talented he is and what he has to offer the world of photography. I feel so blessed to be working with him! (To view Jeff's work, please visit

There are so many shots that I want to share, and to save time and get to what you guys are really looking for (...more of my work!) I won't attempt to recreate the past three months in written form. Instead, I'll just cut to the chase and show you the shots. ;)

Please keep an eye out soon for some specials that I will be running for fall and holiday portraits!