Monday, January 11, 2010

Say "I Love You" with the Gift of Portraits!

Flowers fade, candy is eaten… but capturing special moments in your family’s life is a way to say “I Love You” forever. Think about portrait photography this season!

What better way to say I love you than with the gift of fine art photography. There are so many options for you to take advantage of this year. If you’re looking to give a gift, think about giving a gift certificate. This allows the recipient the flexibility of scheduling where and when to have their session. Or think about planning a portrait session with your entire family when you know they’ll all be in town to visit. With a little advanced wardrobe and location planning, group sessions are a big hit for everyone involved! The session time together is a gift in itself… and, you will have the fine art images to enjoy those memories for years to come too!

And if you’d like to make it easy for your “someone special” to select the perfect gift for you this Valentine’s Day… leave this page open on your pc... right under their nose. =)