Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cellucci Wedding

Hi everyone!

M.I.A. no longer!

Anyone ever make a mid-year resolution? If not, I'll be the first then! My mid-year resolution is to CONSISTENTLY update my blog from now on! There have been so many wonderful portrait sessions and weddings that I was busy doing, that I lost a bit of focus on keeping everyone updated! So today I'll start backtracking a bit to provide some updates. =)

In March I had the pleasure of working with the Cellucci's. What a wonderful group of family and friends they had gathered around them for their wedding! Jennifer and Michael are living in Florida, so most of our coordination was done via phone. It was great finally meeting her in person. She and I joked around the fact that in about 3 weeks we became BFF's from speaking so frequently, LOL!

Here are a few of the shots from the wedding that I just fell in love with. Hope you enjoy them as well!


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Anonymous said...

Nic did a wonderful job shooting the Cellucci Wedding. Enjoyed every minute of the day thanks to her very professional approach to her work, and a lovely person to boot! We were not even aware our pictures were being taken. Would highly recommend NKA Studios, beautiful work! This may be a little biased, coming from the Mother of the bride.